Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hello friends, once again a wholehearted welcome to our website gujaratpublications, today through this page I am going to tell you about the privacy policies of our website

If you use our website, then it is very important for you to follow all the privacy policies of our website, if you do not do this, then you cannot use this website, that is, you can block it now. So you must follow our privacy policy

So all of you users must read all the privacy policy of this website ( carefully till the end.

Google AdSense

All of you should never intentionally click on any kind of Google advertisement shown on the website, if you are found doing so then you can block all of them from this website by me.

That is, if any user intentionally clicks on any of the advertisements mentioned on this website without any reason, then by doing so, I can block you or that user from this website.

Children’s Policy

This website of ours does not provide any kind of wrong information, because of which if you are 13 years old or above then you can use this site but if you are less than 13 years then you can use this site Do not use because our website gives information related to technology and higher education as well as earning which is not important for the children.

Terms & Condition

I request all of you not to make any unnecessary comment on our website without any reason.

You can share the link of our website, but do not share it in any wrong place, you should ever share the link in such a place from which someone needs to learn new

If all of you users want to contact us, then all of you will get the information below

All Right Reserved

I sincerely hope that we will use our website and the information given by us properly, if there is any loss or benefit to anyone due to its use, then we will not be responsible.


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